Thursday, September 22, 2005

Man bites dog!

Let's see -- Leahy, Kohl, and Daschle (whose vote is as meaningless as mine) now support Roberts. What gives?

These Democrats are simply setting the table for opposing the next nominee. The one week delay in the committee vote gives them room to hope the public will forget how they embarrassed themselves in the hearings. Now, they will vote for Roberts, who was clearly going to be confirmed anyway, and claim on the next nominee -- regardless who it is -- (1) that their vote for Roberts proves they are not opposing all Bush appointments and (2) that this nominee is so far out of the mainstream (i.e., not approved by People for the American Way) that opposition and even filibuster are justified.

Does it lack any integrity or principle? Yes. Is it underhanded and deceptive? Yes. Should we be surprised? No.


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